Food inspection can be used as a dedicated quality management tool and as a checkpoint to safeguard the quality and safety of your goods directly in your sourcing countries, at the earliest logistical stage.

Globalisation and advances in technology have both created a complex food supply chain with numerous and diverse stakeholders facilitating the process. A lack of quality monitoring processes, complex logistics structures, food handling methods and other factors can jeopardise the safety and quality of food products.

As a manufacturer, supplier or caterer, it is important to monitor and maintain healthy, hygienic and conducive environments along the supply chain in order to safeguard the quality and safety of your products.

By implementing food inspection you can control a given number of samples within a defined lot and follow a fixed sampling plan according to specific points of control in order to identify issues at their source, maintain product consistency, ensure local and legal regulations are followed during transportation and to enhance your company image.

The inspectors at Intertek can assist with During Production Inspection (DPI), Final Random Inspection (FRI) and Loading Supervision (LS) to ensure that all quality and safety requirements are met.

Samples are taken during the production process to ensure that the required level of quality is being reached and consistently maintained.

Random product samples are taken and inspected at the end of the production process and before shipping to ensure that all required quality specifications have been met.

The final products are inspected during the loading process to ensure that only the goods which meet all required quality specifications are loaded and transported.

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