Coal, biomass, petroleum coke, and wood pellet fuels are pivotal in powering the world. Intertek offers comprehensive testing, inspection, assurance, and certification services to bolster coal exploration and mining operations globally.

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Possessing recognised technical expertise and a vast international network, Intertek delivers complete Total Quality Assurance across the entire resource development spectrum for our clients. This ranges from coal mining to coal testing, and the production of biomass and wood pellets. Intertek's Total Quality Assurance solutions ensure that commercial, regulatory, quality, safety, environmental, and operational standards are consistently met, offering clients peace of mind.

Our network of solid fuel laboratories and sample preparation facilities utilise state-of-the-art scientific methods and equipment for thorough metallurgical and thermal coal, biomass, and petroleum coke testing. Services like proximate analysis, ultimate analysis, mineral ash, trace elements, fusion temperature, and size distribution analysis are tailored to meet specific client needs, ensuring cargos are tested to their precise requirements.

Intertek also offers services to establish and manage on-site laboratories at mining sites, coke plants, and end-user locations. This approach minimises financial risks for our customers while guaranteeing high-quality analysis and faster results.

Intertek's qualified marine surveyors and samplers are present during the loading and unloading of shipments, representing either the buyer or the seller. Their role is crucial in ensuring accurate quantification, and in obtaining representative samples for laboratory analysis. This is vital to confirm whether the shipment meets the client's specifications, thereby reducing commercial risks in the trading market.

Coal and Solid Fuels Services include

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