Laboratory data is key to running your business. Ownership of the laboratory doesn't have to be.

Intertek is the world leader in providing laboratory outsourcing services and solutions, from submitted samples testing projects, analytical projects to full lab outsourcing and acquisition. Intertek works with clients to successfully outsource analytical testing services and laboratories.

The global Intertek laboratory network provides technical testing expertise and capabilities to meet the research, quality control and analytical testing needs for a wide range of industries. Intertek's international expertise brings performance, financial, quality and productivity benefits to the client, their business and their employees.

Why Outsource Laboratory Services:

Dedicated in-house laboratories provide essential services, but such labs may not provide certain test capabilities. On a strategic level, in-house laboratories may be expensive to operate are under-utilized. Outsourcing the lab function reduces overhead and operating costs while the company continues to benefit from needed laboratory services.

Laboratory Outsourcing Benefits:

Lab outsourcing allows a company and other institutions to trade higher fixed-costs for lower variable-costs, reducing the need for capital investment and allowing instant access to world-class analytical expertise and capabilities on short notice, using laboratory services only when needed.

Companies and governments across the world outsource entire labs to Intertek. Financial and performance benefits are gained from these lab outsource projects. Quality Control, Research and Product Development services are improved. Laboratory staff benefit from the lab's commercialization and gain global career opportunities within Intertek.

Proven Record of Success:

Intertek has a proven international track-record of successful lab outsourcing projects for companies and governments in a wide range of industries, providing diverse laboratory services. Industries that outsource lab functions to Intertek include petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, minerals, consumer product companies and national government institutions. Intertek provides dedicated laboratory outsourcing project teams, composed of experienced experts in lab outsourcing and successfully running critical analytical testing services. To review recent laboratory outsourcing projects, visit examples of laboratory outsourcing by Intertek.

Lab Outsourcing Can Work For Your Company:

Intertek lab outsource consultants are experienced professionals, who work with clients to ensure intelligent laboratory outsourcing results that meet or exceed desired lab outsourcing targets.

Intertek is the world's foremost expert in the specialized field of outsourcing analytical testing laboratories. Intertek lab outsourcing provides improvements in service and helps lower capital investment and operational costs. Contact or email for more information. Intertek experts are available to benchmark qualified laboratories as part of the evaluation stage. All inquiries remain confidential.

Lab Outsourcing Project Examples:

  • Air Products awarded a laboratory outsourcing agreement to Intertek Allentown laboratory (Pennsylvania, USA), a high end materials analysis commercial laboratory. The Air Products laboratory staff were transferred to Intertek.
  • Imperial Chemical Industries PLC (ICI) awarded a laboratory outsourcing services agreement to Intertek in the UK. ICI's prestigious Measurement Science Group (Intertek MSG) was acquired by Intertek and the laboratory is now part of the global Intertek laboratory network. All Intertek MSG staff transferred to Intertek from ICI.
  • DSM awarded a laboratory outsourcing services agreement to Intertek. Intertek acquired Polychemlab operations based in the Netherlands. Intertek in Geleen is among Intertek’s largest laboratory operations in Europe with 175 technical staff transferring from DSM to Intertek.
  • Kodak’s European operations awarded a contract to provide analytical testing support services to Intertek. The labs provide analytical testing support services to manufacturing facilities in the UK and France. Intertek acquired the Chalon laboratory and employs the former Kodak employees performing these services.
  • Westport Technology Center was acquired from Halliburton, enabling Intertek to offer advanced E&P technical services to the global Oil and Gas industry.
  • One of the world's largest jet engine manufacturers, Rolls-Royce, awarded the provision of embedded chemistry and metallurgy laboratory services.
  • North Sea Offshore laboratory services outsourced to Intertek: A major North Sea offshore oil producer, BP, has consolidated all laboratory services to be operated by Intertek personnel and laboratories.
  • A global chemical company outsourced a Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Research Centre Laboratory to Intertek. The Intertek Analytical Sciences Group (ASG) Laboratory is created.
  • A global producer of polymer catalysts outsourced catalyst production quality testing to Intertek, de-bottlenecking quality control for production and inventory cycles by outsourcing key quality control tests. Outsourcing included process engineering design services.
  • Governmental Fuel Research Institution outsources laboratory to Intertek: A respected national research institution outsourced fuel testing and development laboratory to Intertek.
  • A major petroleum refinery in Australia outsources refinery laboratories and a terminal laboratory to Intertek.
  • Two North American Refinery Laboratories outsource to Intertek: Intertek runs both refinery QC laboratory operations on a 24/7 basis. One is located in Canada, the other in the USA.
  • Lubricant Oil Wear Check Condition Monitoring Program Outsourced to Intertek:
  • Lubricant Manufacturer Outsources Global Lab Quality Control Program to strategic Intertek locations.
  • Corporate Research Laboratory Outsourced to Intertek: Consumer product company outsources Lab Testing, The NWTC Technology Centre Laboratory is created, eventually becoming part of the ASG laboratory complex.

What is laboratory outsourcing?

Lab outsourcing usually involves an independent testing company assuming quality control testing, R&D, or other analytical services associated with an in-house laboratory. The outsourced lab is often located at or near industrial sites, such as manufacturing plants, chemical plants, refineries, corporate research centers, food processors, mining and other business.

Often the existing laboratory, staff and instrumentation are transferred to Intertek and continue to provide the same services as before outsourcing. In other situations the location is moved. In all cases the services are provided at a lower total-cost to the customer.

What are the benefits of outsourcing laboratory services?

Laboratory outsourcing saves total cost, investment and manpower. In-house laboratory functions are characterized by relatively high fixed costs, high capital investment and associated benefits and salaries, with assets and manpower are usually under-utilized.

Excess capacity, under-utilized and expensive instrumentation and minimum-shift requirements create excess costs for an in-house lab. Rising lab costs and under-utilization rates are eliminated, reduced or rationalized if the operation is outsourced to an laboratory testing service provider like Intertek. Additional benefits from lab outsourcing include greater laboratory productivity and improved service and performance.

Why can Intertek provide a lower total cost for testing services?

In most cases, Intertek operates independent laboratories which accept work from a wide range of customers. This means the lab utilization rate is much higher than for a captive in-house laboratory, driving testing efficiency up and the cost-per-test down. Capital investment in modern analytical instrumentation by Intertek translates into a lower per-test cost. We can use the same instrument for multiple clients, increasing efficiency. 

What Industries are outsourcing laboratory services?

Industries taking advantage of laboratory outsourcing testing services include chemical, consumer product, petroleum refining, exploration & production, catalyst and pharmaceutical sectors. 

What Companies and Institutions are outsourcing laboratory services?

Major laboratory outsourcing projects for Rolls-Royce, Unilever, Citgo Oil, Dow Chemical, BP, Procter & Gamble, BASF, TotalFinaElf, Royal Dutch Shell, Irving Oil, Governments and others are operated and managed by Intertek. These projects are located throughout the world. 

What kinds of testing are being outsourced?

Testing outsourced includes product quality control, technical support, trouble-shooting, research development, process, on-line analyzer, and measurement science services. Industry and company-specific testing methodologies are used. Intertek can design an optimal laboratory outsource solution to fit our client’s technical and analytical requirements. 

Where are Industries outsourcing laboratories?

Companies are outsourcing labs on a global basis. Our experience demonstrates that Laboratory Outsourcing is a serious option being adopted or considered in virtually every major industrial region of the world. Europe, The Americas, and Asia Pacific all have companies that have awarded projects or want to begin outsourcing laboratory functions. 

Is Laboratory Outsourcing right for my company?

Determining if your in-house laboratory is a good candidate for lab outsourcing requires careful evaluation. Intertek includes an international team of seasoned laboratory professionals with years of expertise in both lab outsourcing and in running analytical testing laboratories. They work with our clients to determine if laboratory outsourcing is viable option. The same team then manages the process for a successful outsourcing project. 

How do I get started?

Contact us to begin. Ask for Global Laboratory Outsourcing Services. All enquiries are handled confidentially. 



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