Outsourcing expertise for regulatory, testing, environmental, health and safety challenges.

There is constant pressure in business to manage costs and generate revenues. Intertek has multi-disciplinary teams to help companies achieve both goals. Intertek is an expert in providing outsourced services to clients across industries and markets. Whether it is physical assets -- such as testing equipment and laboratories -- or less tangible resources like intellectual property protection, regulatory approval and bringing new products to market, you don't have to bear the burden alone. Intertek can help.

Our solutions are based over a century of practical experience in product lifecycle management and are delivered by a global team of experts. We help you in our specialized fields of expertise including Regulatory, Testing and environmental, health and safety (EHS) services.

Why consider outsourcing?

  • Turn your fixed costs into a lower variable cost
  • Achieve faster time to market through access to expanded capabilities (e.g. Regulatory & EHS expertise)
  • Realize cost savings by Structure Activity Modeling (SAM), minimizing toxicological testing expenditures
  • Protect revenues by using our patent infringement services
  • Avoid costly fines for EHS and Regulatory non-compliance
  • Minimize your environmental impact and realize cost savings across the supply chain

Gain increased access to wider experience and knowledge:
Growing workloads and reduced staff levels are realities of today's business environment. Intertek can help your company do more with less, and provide appropriate, responsive, and reliable services and solutions.

Intertek offers independent, knowledge-based services to users and providers of chemicals and performance materials across a range of industries. Our solutions are based on a long history of practical experience in product lifecycle management and are delivered by a global team of experts. Drawing on core competencies and a global network, we can help you address new markets and technologies; ensure compliance and sustainability; meet operating requirements; minimize risks; and secure stakeholder confidence.

Turn your fixed cost into a lower variable cost:
Why pay for what you don't use? Seems simple right? Yet many companies still insist on doing it themselves. Instead of keeping lots of fixed assets or other costs on your books, consider turning to an experienced, professional outsourcing partner. In a difficult economy, this makes even more sense. Focus on what you do best -- your core competencies -- and we will handle the rest.

Reduce time-to-market:
Time is money. The more time you spend wading through paperwork and trying to understand the ins and outs of global regulations, the less time you spend actually marketing and selling your product. Achieve faster time to market through access to a range of expert capabilities.

Realize cost savings by Structure Activity Modeling:
Cut costs without cutting corners. Sound impossible? Consider Structure Activity Modeling (SAM), a unique and highly effective method designed to minimize toxicological testing expenditures.

Instead of embarking on full blown, scaled up animal toxicological studies right away, SAM software simulates potential toxicity issues by looking at how molecules will behave under simulated use conditions. This allows our experts to identify problems early on, saving you valuable time and money.

Eventually, full toxicity studies will still need to be done, but wouldn't it be great if you only had to do them once and weren't surprised by the results?

Protect revenues by using Intertek's patent infringement services:
In this challenging economy it is imperative that you extract the full value of what is legally yours -- your idea, your process, your chemistry, your product. At every turn, the competition is seeking to supplant your market position -- sometimes at the expense of your patent(s).

If you suspect a competitive product is using your intellectual property and technology, we can help identify instances of patent infringement and, if required, provide expert witness testimony in a court of law. Utilizing state-of-the-art testing equipment, deformulation processes, and scientific documentation and research, Intertek can identify substances and their corresponding patents, helping protect your business interests.

Avoid costly fines for EHS and Regulatory non-compliance issues: 
Intertek consultants help clients avoid unnecessary and costly fines which can eat away at profits. Intertek works to help ensure the business, products and facilities are compliant with local and global safety and security regulations.

Minimize your environmental impact and realize cost savings across the supply chain:
Intertek helps client reach the full potential of the economic benefits of "going green". We offer a comprehensive portfolio of services to improve sustainability, reduce overall environmental impact, and improve your bottom line.

Intertek Outsourcing expertise is available for these and other services:

Testing Services  - Our full-service, state-of-the-art analytical GLP/cGMP and material testing laboratories are well equipped to characterize your materials and determine their critical physical and chemical properties. We provide clients with highly sophisticated testing support throughout the product lifecycle.

Regulatory Services  - As practitioners dealing with chemicals, our experience with government authorities and local/regional trade associations enables us to map fast-track and cost effective strategic approaches to help clients enter new markets and remain in existing markets. We help clients resolve complex toxicology issues, develop scientific compliance plans and facilitate timely regulatory global approvals.

EHS Services  - With pressure mounting for industry to reduce emissions, increase resource efficiency and conserve energy, we provide customers with the global reach and regional expertise to achieve Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) compliance and sustainability.

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