Chemistry, manufacturing and controls (CMC) and GMP contract pharmaceutical laboratory services and outsourcing support to accelerate and optimise your drug development programs

Outsourcing your GMP and CMC pharmaceutical laboratory services needs can help you to optimise and accelerate your drug development programs. CMC contract lab services, delivered from expert analytical and formulation scientists, can also help you to identify sources of risk early in development and provide sufficient information to assure the identity, quality, purity, strength, and stability of the drug product to meet regulatory requirements and specifications. When you prepare for an important submission, GMP analytical packages must demonstrate consistency and reliability of the manufacturing process which can involve specialist analytical expertise. To achieve the desired characteristics for the dosage form within project timelines, you will need formulation development knowledge, followed by clinical trial supply manufacturing that is both fully GMP compliant and monitors all areas of risk to ensure product quality.

Regulatory–driven CMC laboratory services
We provide regulatory-driven, phase-appropriate, CMC laboratory and GMP pharmaceutical laboratory services. Our expertise ensures sufficient information for your Investigational New Drug (IND), Abbreviated New Drug Application (ANDA) and New Drug Application (NDA) filings. This is achieved through analysis services, pre-formulation and solid-state characterisation, method development and validation, stability studies, pharmaceutical impurity analysisextractables and leachables and GMP batch release testing. Our scientists are adept at applying advanced technology in GMP compliant analytical development programs. 
Integrated formulation, GMP analysis and clinical trial supply manufacturing
Our formulation development scientists are experienced across a range of dosage forms including orally inhaled and nasal drug products (OINDP), oral, solid, liquid and transdermal or topical for small molecule and biologics. Strategic integration of formulation development with analytics ensures a detailed understanding of the pharmaceutical materials, their compatibility, physical properties and stability. Our development teams offer cost-effective GMP manufacturing services for clinical trials aligned with IND or Common Technical Document CTD support which includes raw material characterization, sourcing, scale-up and pilot batch manufacturing to ensure product quality.

Pharmaceutical knowledge to accelerate your development
With an experienced eye on the current regulatory guidance, our formulation and analytical scientists work with you to utilize exactly the right approaches and analytical methods to deliver the data you need to take the next step for both small molecule pharmaceuticals or biopharmaceuticals. With over 20 years of experience providing flexible outsourcing solutions for the most innovative pharmaceutical organisations, our Total Quality Assurance expertise can help you to achieve the appropriate quality and regulatory standards at each stage of development.

GMP and CMC Services

3rd Annual Inhaled & Nasal Biologics/DNA Forum

26-27 September 2024 | Cambridge, UK 

Join us for a ground-breaking and insightful forum on inhaled and nasal biologics development: Two days of cutting-edge talks and networking opportunities with leaders in this complex area of inhaled medication and inhaled vaccine development.

An artistic representation of a DNA molecule comprised of dots coloured in shades of white to turquoise against a dark background

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