GMP Pharmaceutical quality control (QC) testing programs for raw materials, APIs and intermediates to pharmacopoeia specifications supported by troubleshooting and specialist QC methods, delivered by experts

Quality control testing of pharmaceutical raw materials is critical to drug development from early-stage through to commercial batch release. The quality of raw materials can vary considerably from supplier to supplier, and even batch to batch, and so controlling the quality of raw materials is key to the success of the product.
The raw materials and excipients used in early product development may not always be GMP compliant, with the assumption that they will be substituted for GMP grade material as manufacturing is scaled-up and the product moves to clinical supply. As a result, raw materials are perhaps not given much attention until later in development when the implications of criteria such as impurity content are costly and could cause the final product to fail to meet specification as a worst case scenario this leads to the need for robust QC analytical programs, driven by experts using validated methods.

When you outsource pharmaceutical or biopharmaceutical quality control testing, you will need to select a partner with a strong history of delivering to a consistently high standard, allowing you to focus on your core business agenda.
QC testing of pharmaceutical raw materials to international pharmacopoeia specifications has become a specialty of Intertek. With our knowledge of analytical chemistry and our vast range of instrumental techniques, we can undertake the vast majority of the chemical tests listed within the international pharmacopoeias.
In addition to routine QC batch release, our experienced analytical scientists are used to trouble shooting quality control issues and can assist you with developing a detailed specification for the material. Method development and validation services compliment pharmacopoeial testing services should specialist QC methods be required.
With our global network of GMP compliant analytical laboratories in North America and Europe, our highly skilled scientists routinely conduct QC testing of raw materials, excipients, in-process samples and finished product batches. We tailor our QC programs to your requirements and through our wide range of GMP qualified analytical instrumentation we can provide services for the most basic of tests through to more specialised techniques, and so obtain the data you need, at the right time, to make critical quality control decisions about your product.
Bringing quality and safety to life, we offer Total Quality Assurance expertise to help you to meet and exceed quality, safety and regulatory standards. With a flexible model for providing your QC support, Intertek’s pharmaceutical analysis scientists provide on-going QC programs and impurity testing from our GMP compliant facilities. We can also support your business through a flexible resource when your require extra capacity during times of heavy workload. No matter what raw material you require to be tested, we will always be focused on achieving accurate results within your timelines to help you make informed decisions.  


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