Energy & Commodities

Generate the strong, robust products and processes needed to help power the world with Intertek.

Today’s energy and commodities industries power and feed the world economy. The efficient and effective operation of these projects is vital to sustained energy growth and environmental support. By utilizing Intertek’s global energy and commodity testing, inspection, and certification services, businesses can design, develop, manufacture and run more successful and valuable products and processes.

Intertek’s range of energy expertise works to support clients operating in businesses as diverse as oil and gas, petroleum refining and distribution, petrochemicals, power generation, nuclear power, solar, biofuels, tidal, wave and wind power. This affords us a high-level, cross-sectional view of energy industry topics and trends that affect current and future business development, providing insight and opportunities that may otherwise go undetected. Our global network also provides logistical, testing, inspection, certification and consulting expertise to assist clients in running their operations more efficiently and safely while protecting expensive assets, products and infrastructure.

Commodities are the raw materials which the modern world depends upon for manufactured materials, products and food. We help producers, distributors and processors of these raw materials benefit from optimising their quality control, loss control and financial risk reduction. Products and processes are all enhanced by partnering with Intertek, leading to a more successful product and path for all involved.

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Agricultural product testing and inspection, from the field to the fork.



Biofuel quality testing and inspection expertise.


Coal & Solid Fuels

Global coal and solid fuels inspection and testing.



Delivering risk management in hydrogen production, delivery, infrastructure, storage, fuel cells, and multiple end-uses.



Analytical expertise, geochemistry, inspection and certification services across the exploration and mining industries.



Nuclear plant expertise for steam generators, piping, condition monitoring and operational assessment.


Oil & Gas

Upstream, Midstream and Downstream, get support for your production, engineering, training, quality and inspection needs.


Power Equipment

Stay ahead of the surging power equipment industry through improved product safety, reliability and time to market.


Power Generation

Enhance your power generation-related operations, profitability, safety and performance while minimizing business risk.


Power Transmission & Distribution

Powerful testing, certification and advisory solutions for the grid-connected experience and related equipment.



Verify the safety, efficiency, and field performance of solar PV panels, modules, inverters, converters, and accessories.


Wind, Wave & Tidal

Assess wind and tidal product quality and efficiency, and determine the reliability of renewable energy in our infrastructure.