Optimise your internal audit activity with Intertek as your trusted and independent internal audit resource to raise awareness of emerging risk on your journey of continuous improvement

Internal audits in pharmaceutical production companies or stakeholders in the cosmetics, healthcare product supply chain form a critical component of the drive for continuous improvement within each organisation.

The objective of an internal audit is to ensure compliance between relevant industry standards, your quality management system and current internal practice.

By working with an independent auditing partner, you can optimise your internal audit activity. Bringing a trusted, yet independent set of eyes into your organisation can help reveal problems that may not yet have been uncovered by your current internal audit activity. The insight from an external partner can also raise awareness of emerging risks and provide management with the information and tools to make informed decisions and improve efficiency.

Our global team of audit experts can help you to maintain focus on the right risks at the right time by implementing a consistent risk-based approach to audits of your internal processes, systems, and facilities. We support your drive for continuous performance improvement as the insight we deliver, will allow you to make informed and intelligent decisions.

Built on our 15 years of experience in conducting audits for the pharma, cosmetics and healthcare product sectors, our experts have both the technical industry knowledge of current best practice and organizational competence to detect relevant gaps in your quality systems. All Intertek auditors are qualified and have a unique CV based on the specific competencies and skills they possess. This allows us to provide the right auditor with the necessary expertise for your sector and your needs.


Total Quality Assurance
We are ISO 9001 certified. Quality is at the heart of our organisation and we continuously focus on improving the performance of our services in order exceed expectations of our global clients. With over 1600 global clients who put their trust in us to meet their auditing requirements, including internal or third-party auditing needs, our team provide Total Quality Assurance expertise through a cost-effective and flexible set of audit solutions to meet your organisation’s specific needs. Our global solutions include shared auditsremote audits, report purchase and private or individual audits. 

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