As your healthcare supply chain auditing partner, we can help you to ensure that products, processes, facilities and quality systems meet quality standards through auditing solutions that effectively identify and mitigate risk

The management of suppliers and subcontractors is a critical part of quality management systems within highly regulated healthcare product sectors and supply chains.

The control and the evaluation of suppliers or subcontractors through robust auditing is a key to confirming that a supplier has an acceptable level of compliance against industry standards.


Our network of senior qualified auditors, who are located all around the world, are proud to support our global pharmaceuticalconsumer healthcare and cosmetics clients delivering a suite of flexible auditing solutions which are designed to exactly meet the challenges that your business faces today.

Total Quality Assurance
We are ISO 9001 certified. Quality is at the heart of our organisation and we continuously focus on improving the performance of our services in order exceed expectations of our global clients.With 15 years’ experience over 5 continents, our Intertek auditing team have won the continuing trust of more than 1600 clients. Bringing quality and safety to life, we help drive quality and visibility across all areas of production and distribution for raw materials, healthcare and beauty products.

Our shared audits solution brings the benefits of cost optimisation of your audit program, lower barriers to scheduling audits of your suppliers, personalised reports that respond to your specific questions.

Driving greater transparency of your supplier or subcontractor, our private audits are a solution that is ideal for in-depth understanding of quality management systems, processes and products.

To gain a good preliminary understanding about a possible partner, perhaps when audit scheduling becomes difficult, or in case of an emergency, we can provide you with our catalogue of audits already completed as it may be possible to request and purchase certain audit reports.

Remote audits are becoming a popular choice to mitigate the challenges posed by travel restrictions and complex global supply chains. Our global team can provide efficient and comprehensive remote audits for your suppliers worldwide.

By partnering with Intertek for your internal audit programs, our auditor’s objective approach and the challenges they highlight, help you to drive continuous improvement.

Because the auditor is often the best positioned expert to evaluate the CAPA plan in response to audit findings, we propose this service as an additional option to your audit. To guarantee the audit closure, we can include follow-up program to meet your milestones.
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