Good Clinical Practice (GCP) compliant bioanalytical laboratory services (UK) supporting human clinical trials in compliance with UK and EU legislation

Intertek's GCP bioanalysis services strive to ensure that Good Clinical Practice (GCP) compliant bioanalytical methods are applied to the analysis of study samples for human clinical trials, as described in the European Medicines Agency (EMA) 2012 Guidance. 

GCP is a set of internationally recognized, ethical and scientific quality requirements which must be observed for designing, conducting, recording and reporting clinical trials that involve the participation of human subjects (EU Directive 2001/20/EC, article 1, clause 2). A bioanalytical CRO would require an understanding of the applicable GCPs in order to identify the impact of deviations from a clinical (non-GLP) bioanalytical study or clinical protocol.

Our GCP compliant bioanalytical laboratory conducts human clinical trial sample bioanalysis following the principles of GCP and our staff are fully trained on the GCP expectations associated with clinical sample integrity, respective data integrity and communications, patient safety and confidentially requirements. Our bioanalysis laboratories offer both GCP and Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) bioanalysis contract services to support preclinical and clinical development for a range of product types including small molecule pharmaceuticals, proteins and PEGylated products. GCP bioanalysis services are available across a wide range of bioanalytical technologies, and delivered via our team of experienced Regulatory Project Managers. 

Intertek also holds a Human Tissue Licence, regulated and inspected by the Human Tissue Authority (HTA) in the UK, facilitating analytical studies to support our client’s clinical research programs.

GCP Services:

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