Cosmetic clinical trial expertise in clinical safety and efficacy testing of cosmetics, beauty products and devices to support claims and demonstrate conformity with regulations

Cosmetic clinical trials are critical to boosting innovation in the fast-moving cosmetics and healthcare product sectors. To meet the challenges of the marketplace, ever-changing trends and consumer needs, high-quality, effective cosmetic clinical studies of your products are key to ensuring the clinical efficacy and safety of cosmetics and personal care products whilst providing validated claim support. Robust clinical evaluation can deliver a clear competitive advantage generating substantial product claims. 

Our team can help you successfully navigate this challenging business climate, bringing our 25 years of experience to deliver tailored end-to-end clinical trials for beauty products, expertise in clinical studies for cosmetics, sun protection, and more. From the drafting of the protocol, recruitment of relevant and qualified subjects, to the clinical study report, we offer expertise in clinical studies for cosmetics products, sun protection products, hair and scalp products, ingredients and raw materials, dermo-cosmetic devices, beauty electronics and equipment and beauty boosting dietary supplements.

Our modern 600m2 clinical facility, located in Paris, is designed to meet the requirement of each clinical study activity. We deliver clinical investigations to Good Clinical Practices (GCP) under a clinical research agreement issued by the Health Ministry of France. Our clinical study centre has modular technical spaces (with controlled temperature and humidity) for an optimised study subject movement where our volunteers’ comfort and well-being are a focus.

Our clinical research team which includes project managers, clinical research associates, quality assurance team and expert clinicians (dermatologists, allergists, ophthalmologists, dentists, technicians, phlebologists, physicians), focus on protecting the safety and wellbeing of our human subjects.  

With a dedicated internal recruitment team, we can recruit highly relevant and qualified subjects for your study. Different selection criteria are available including gender, age, skin type (sensitivity, phototype), skin profile, dermatological profile, or hair profile.

•     Participation in the FEBEA working group
•     Participation in the AFNOR working group "Sun protection evaluation methods"
•     Participation in an inter-laboratory comparison program dedicated to sun protection (BIPEA)
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Cosmetics and Personal Care Clinical Testing

We regularly work with brand leaders within the cosmetics and personal care industry providing data for claim support and marketing across oral care, skin care, hair and scalp care. Our team can provide a full service including protocol development and ethics submissions, project management, data management, statistical analyses and report writing.

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