Our expert cosmetic product testing and analysis services help you to ensure safe, effective and high-quality, beauty and personal care products and raw materials, supporting your journey from innovation to regulatory compliance and market launch

Cosmetics testing and laboratory analysis are key to ensuring that safe and effective beauty, fragrances or personal care products reach consumers. These beauty and personal care products must meet regulatory compliance requirements concerning their composition and use. As safety and performance are paramount to your market launch, you will have a focus on pioneering innovation whilst reducing risks associated with microbial quality, restricted, or prohibited substances or contamination to win consumer loyalty for your brand and your novel formulations.

Global Cosmetics Testing Lab Expertise from Innovation to Market Launch
Our scientists provide independent laboratory testing services from your raw material ingredients, formulation development, through to finished cosmetic product testing and packaging assessment from our global network of laboratories. We deliver expert chemical analysis, microbiology, clinical testing and regulatory support for your journey from concept and innovation to market launch and ongoing production. Whether you represent a brand, retailer, manufacturer or supplier, as your testing partner, we can provide you with quality assured data to drive understanding of the safety and quality of your products.

Regulatory Compliance and Safety
Ensuring safe cosmetics ingredients and products is a focus across all global regions where there is an expectation that the responsible party should provide reasonable certainty that no harm comes from exposure to the cosmetic or ingredient. Cosmetic product testing can help ensure the safety of a cosmetic product. Our team provide expert clinical trials and cosmetic product testing testing to help you ensure compliance and safety.

Testing to Support Quality and Production
Whether you represent a brand, retailer, manufacturer or supplier, quality is a top priority. Our cosmetics testing labs provide quality assured chemical and microbiological testing data to ensure high-quality products and mitigate sources of risk.

Testing to Support Innovation and Performance
Our experts know that innovation is fed by robust information about your ingredients and formulated products. Our scientists can get the insight you need to steer your product development through a range of testing solutions.

Regulatory Compliance in Your Region of Interest
Cosmetic and beauty products are subject to legislative requirements globally, for instance, in Europe, the Cosmetic Products Regulation 1223/2009 defines cosmetics regulations across the EU member states. In the US, the Safe Cosmetics Act of 2011 (known as HR 2359) was introduced in direct response to growing concern on the safety of ingredients. In China, all cosmetic and personal care products are subject to Administrative Licensing requirements. Certain products (e.g. antiperspirants) are classified as cosmetics in some countries (EU), while in others they are regulated as over-the-counter (OTC) drugs (USA) or special-use cosmetics (China), or therapeutic goods (Australia), or treated as quasi-drugs (Japan) or non-prescription drugs (Canada).

Bringing Cosmetic Quality and Safety to Life
With over 20 years of proven support for some of the largest and most innovative brands, Intertek is your ideal partner to provide quality assured data to retailers, manufacturers and suppliers to help them understand and mitigate sources of product risk. Our scientists offer Total Quality Assurance and a flexible resource, delivered with a technical efficiency that brings value to your cosmetic product development and production.

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