Cosmetics Allergen Screening Testing for 57 Potential Allergens by GC-MS/MS

Cosmetic allergen screening testing for 57 chemically defined allergens via a unique GC-MSMS method optimized for specificity, efficiency and accuracy, to generate robust data supporting your regulatory compliance

Allergen screening testing for cosmetics product helps to identify and quantify fragrance substances which are identified as potential allergens. Fragrances and fragrance components can potentially trigger contact allergy and cause skin irritant contact dermatitis, pigmented cosmetic dermatitis and photosensitivity. Manufacturers are obliged to provide appropriate labelling on the presence of allergens to help ensure consumer safety and product information transparency.

Conventional cosmetic allergen screening test methods screen for 24 chemically defined allergens however industry stakeholders have proposed to extend this to include 57 fragrance substances. Accurate determination of the levels of these allergens in cosmetics is essential to allow suitable labelling for consumers, however, this testing is highly challenging for these complex sample types.

Our scientists have developed a gas chromatography-mass spectrometry/mass spectrometry (GC-MS/MS) using Multiple Reaction Monitoring (MRM) to identify and quantify 57 volatile compounds which are suspected to be allergens in fragrances and raw materials used in cosmetic products. In comparison to conventional GC-MS methods, it is efficient to run and avoids the risk of false positives which might occur when the presence of other substances in the samples give rise to “matrix effects” during testing. The method is fit-for-purpose over a wide range of concentration levels and accuracy can be demonstrated to ensure confidence in the results.

With over 15 years of experience in developing analytical chromatography methods to meet the regulatory demands of the cosmetic industry, our scientists based at our Centre of Excellence for Cosmetic Testing, LaCoMed, use this method which is optimised for specificity, efficiency and accuracy, to generate robust data, helping clients to meet regulatory requirements whilst driving a greater understanding of raw materials and ensure safer products.

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Need help or have a question?

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