Our hair and scalp care clinical trials for performance and safety include assessment of growth, scalp sampling for biomarker and microbial analysis, tissue sampling for histology & product/substrate interactions

Consumer and clinical studies play a key role in research and development for hair and scalp care products to determine efficacy and safety. Consumer safety and satisfaction are important to bringing new or improved hair care beauty products or scalp treatments to market. Products which have been designed to address hair or scalp conditions such as hair growth, hair regrowth, brittle hair or dandruff must be shown to be both effective and safe. Finding an experienced and reliable clinical testing partner with technical experience and the right scope of services can be a challenge.

We offer repeatable measures and standardized sampling techniques conducted in our clinical studies facility in Paris, France. Our hair care product safety and efficacy services include participant recruitment, clinical evaluation, self-perception and objective instrumentation measurements for the assessment hair product efficacy, hair beauty and consumer perception. Our trichologists and dermatology specialists are experienced and aligned to provide independent assessment of product performance and consumer acceptance and tolerance.

Our recruitment solutions can be tailored to your study’s needs. Our participant database is one of the largest in the industry and we are able to select participants based on age, gender and brand loyalty. We can provide panels with specific consumer profiles based on consumer preferences, habits and attitudes, hair or scalp conditions.

Our hair and scalp consumer trials are focused on supporting your product development through evidence-based efficacy testing, claims substantiation studies and safety studies. Our dermatology experts work consistently with precision, pace and passion to the European Cosmetic, Toiletry and Perfumery Association (COLIPA) guidelines including the Guidelines for the Evaluation of the Efficacy of Cosmetic Products, Guidelines on the Management of Undesirable Event Reports, Product Test Guidelines for the Assessment of Human Skin Compatibility and the Guidelines for the Safety Assessment of a Cosmetic Product.

Hair & Scalp Care Product Performance

Intertek has Total Quality Assurance expertise and technological capabilities to provide clinical studies for determining product efficacy for hair growth, hair shedding, hair volume, quality, hair strength, dandruff treatment and also seborrhoeic dermatitis.

Hair Care Product Safety Studies

Our hair care product safety studies address product tolerability and safety studies during and after product development. Our dermatologists and tricologists are experienced in the clinical assessment of the tolerability of your hair care product to the scalp, in particular, assessment of erythema, dryness, papules, excoriations. Additionally, we provide controlled, reproducible clinical photography with image analysis and Biox Aquaflux for skin/scalp barrier function investigations and Dermalab techniques for scalp hydration measures.

We conduct ocular irritation tests involving comparative eye irritation potential of the test formulation against a benchmark product for “No Tears” type claim support testing. Using direct instillation technique for supporting this claim in shampoos and bath products, our ophthalmologist supervised studies can focus on lacrimation, bulbar conjunctival, palpebral conjunctival irritation and subjective stinging assessments.

Hair Care Consumer Perception Studies

Through investigator and subject-assessed efficacy studies, we collect consumer perception information such as subject satisfaction consumer acceptability, habits and attitudes, performance, consumer preferences, self-confidence and attractiveness. Our information helps clinicians to determine treatment options for certain hair or scalp conditions which also provide a high level of patient acceptance. The information also helps manufacturers to make decisions during product development.

We are one of the Europe’s largest CROs for the provision of hair and scalp consumer product trials, with expertise in the recruitment and management of clinical studies to provide robust data to support your product development, marketing claims, defense against legal challenges and product launches.

Robust analytical testing can support your product development by providing data to support product efficacy and safety. Our scientists conduct analysis of  product / substrate interaction, hair sample biological analysis (e.g. via scanning electron microscopy) and hair sample chemical analysis (via inductively coupled plasma spectroscopy (ICP) for elements such as zinc, copper, etc.)
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Cosmetics and Personal Care Clinical Testing

We regularly work with brand leaders within the cosmetics and personal care industry providing data for claim support and marketing across oral care, skin care, hair and scalp care. Our team can provide a full service including protocol development and ethics submissions, project management, data management, statistical analyses and report writing.

In Vitro Oral Care Product Services

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