Intertek supports the consumer healthcare, cosmetics and toiletries industries on their sustainability journey; providing environmental impact assessment and certification solutions to meet customer desires and achieve business growth.

Consumers today are making more meaningful purchasing choices when it comes to sustainable cosmetic and personal care products. Intertek supports the healthcare and beauty sector to create innovative and enhanced products that meet the public demands for planet conscious formulations, and sustainable packaging. We help companies address health, safety and quality requirements, as well as achieve their corporate sustainability goals. 

Our experts can support sustainability throughout the entire cosmetic product life cycle:

Cosmetic Product Life Cycle

Intertek is at the forefront of managing regulatory compliance and understanding the challenges faced by the healthcare and beauty sector. We help companies manage the environmental and social impacts of their cosmetic and personal care products to improve sustainable economic growth, and to achieve their environmental and social governance goals. This includes having processes/systems in place to use resources more efficiently during manufacturing, meet global regulatory compliance requirements, develop tailored programs that manage supply chain and operations (reducing their energy, water and waste footprint), and support green manufacturing innovations to move towards zero carbon operations.

Intertek’s scope of services includes: 

  • Life Cycle Analysis
  • Carbon Footprinting Services
  • Recycled Content Verification
  • Product and Packaging Eco-Design 
  • Supply Chain Audits & Assessments
  • Sustainable Packaging Optimization Services 
  • Green Management System Certification
  • Toxicological Assessments
  • Product Safety Assessment
  • Sustainable Packaging Solutions
  • Waste Management and Compliance
  • Recyclability, Renewability and Circularity Management
  • Corporate Sustainability and Social Reporting

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