Eco-Reinforcement is an independent, third-party certification scheme designed to enable reinforced steel products to be assessed and certified as being responsibly and/or ethically sourced. Intertek was designated by the Eco-Reinforcement Council as the sole delivery partner for current and future Eco-Reinforcement certificate holders.

Eco-Reinforcement is a third-party certification scheme developed by the reinforcing steel industry to comply with Building Research Establishment (BRE) Global's BES 6001:2008 Framework Standard for the Responsible Sourcing of Construction Products.

In addition to the demand for credible evidence of ethical sourcing behaviour by companies and their suppliers, the importance of transparency within a supply chain is growing. Eco-Reinforcement provides a means for construction clients, specifiers and contractors to be able to purchase reinforcing steel from a supply chain, which is pro-actively addressing issues of sustainability.

Intertek is an established certification body and has an effective track-record in providing global assurance, auditing, certification, and testing solutions. Intertek Eco-Reinforcement support offers:

  • a comprehensive, clear, third-party audited process and implementation plan;
  • the ability to monitor environmental and social key performance metrics over time;
  • value to global organizations that wish to demonstrate performance and innovation in sustainability;
  • product stewardship support throughout the value chain; and,
  • a trusted partnership for integrative sustainable solutions that provide confidence and peace of mind.

While companies are paying more attention to Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) performance and financial considerations, they have a new appreciation for solutions that manage risk and resilience, and support their ability to operate effectively and act responsibly.  Intertek provides total quality assurance solutions that extend beyond compliance, we offer a solution-driven holistic approach to the adoption of environmental, social and economic best practices.

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