From acquisition, integration, and operational transformation, through to divestment and IPO, we help clients evaluate quality, safety, sustainability, and regulatory risks throughout all stages of an investment.

Every transactionwhether merger, acquisition, asset purchase, joint venture, disposal, or strategic alliancehas the potential to either unlock significant value or destroy it. Intertek’s transaction due diligence services can help ensure that companies maximize value and reduce, or prevent altogether, unforeseen quality, safety, sustainability, and regulatory liabilities, preventing potentially adverse financial, public relations, and litigation consequences.

Intertek’s multi-disciplinary team provides expert insights that leverage a combination of its extensive experience working across a variety of industries with large multinational corporations and fast-growing start-ups. We help clients protect their brands, assess their global supply chains, facilitate global regulatory approvals, as well as understand the best practices for managing quality, safety, and sustainability.

  • Prior to acquisition: Our experts will work with your internal and external due diligence teams to understand the scope of the transaction and will then review your operations and/or products to identify areas of potential risk to your investment.
  • Integration: Intertek will work with your company and the potential acquisition to improve acquisition processes and align with your company’s standards of management. 
  • Operational transformation: Through operational transformation, Intertek can support change management and operations to safeguard quality, safety, sustainability, and regulatory processes so that investors can focus on the value of the supply chain, brand, and sales expansion strategies. 
  • Upon divestment: Leveraging Intertek, companies can minimize the quality/compliance impact on their remaining portfolio, as well as demonstrate the de-risking of business
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