Helping clients navigate complex scientific, environmental, health, and safety challenges throughout the value chain.

As the global economy continues to change and grow, companies have been forced to rethink how they can make the world a safer place.

Through our safety assurance solutions and industry-leading expertise, we empower companies with both industry-specific and industry-agnostic solutions, designed to assess and mitigate risk, access global markets, preserve and promote human health and safety, and protect the environment in both local and global markets.

Our industry specialties include chemicals and biocides, food and nutrition, cosmetics and personal care, food contact and packaging, and pharmaceuticals.

Our safety engineers have the expertise to identify and assess safety concerns, provide custom-made assessments to reduce product risk and potential hazards, and make recommendations that protect customers.

Our safety assurance services support customers with:

  • risk and hazard assessment (both chemical substances and consumer products); 
  • exposure considerations; 
  • potential misuse of products;
  • packaging compliance guidance and advice on mandatory label requirements; and
  • product safety training. 

Our services include:

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