Reinforce the safety of your products with Intertek’s unparalleled safety services.

Meeting regulatory requirements alone does not ensure product safety. Several other elements—including design hazards, physical hazards, and foreseeable use—need to be evaluated to identify the overall risk associated with a product and heighten its marketability.

Intertek takes your product beyond regulatory compliance to reduce your risk when it is used by consumers of all ages.

Our safety services include:

  • Product Evaluation: Assess and address potential product hazards both seen and unforeseen with evaluation services that utilize Intertek’s innovative technology and data collection and analysis.
  • Product Consulting: Use the science behind safety to explore a better approach to your product. When it comes to product safety, we can provide insight and guidance on design, development, implementation, usage, and more.
  • Product Safety Training: Know all the relevant safety issues for your product with Intertek’s safety training courses. Our expert-guided sessions give you the tools you need to protect your brand by properly addressing product safety and developing cost-effective solutions that minimize risks and hazards.
  • Safety Business Process: Intertek’s experts take a collaborative approach to implementing safety into your business plan through product assessment, process governance, and documentation. This tailored service helps improve overall safety performance at the business level, rather than with just a specific product.
  • Risk Assessment: Not all product hazards will result in consumer injuries.  Assessing the potential risk, or the probability of a hazard occurring, will provide critical information about the likelihood of a hazard manifesting when a consumer interacts with your product. Intertek will identify potential risks of your product, advise on how they can be managed, and provide mitigation strategies to eliminate or reduce those risks. 

We serve the following industries:

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*Intertek consulting services provided for Product Assurance are carried out by consulting experts of a separate legal entity who have no influence over any aspect of Intertek Notified Body activities.

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