We provide our clients with the technical expertise and industry insight to enhance the quality and safety of their pet products.

Pet owners often view their pets as members of the family and want to be assured of the safety and quality of their pet’s products. However, there are limited safety regulations for pet toys and accessories. Due to this, many products are recalled for being unsafe for pets and their families. Intertek's Product Assurance team partners with your company to design industry-leading products that will meet your brand’s quality, function and safety standards to keep your consumers and their pets happy, healthy and safe.

Our Solutions:

  • Animal Behavior Analysis
  • Customized Physical and Durability Assessments
  • Airway Obstruction Modelling
  • Product Design and Safety Recommendations

Our research, methodology, and customized assessments have safeguarded the brands of our clients for decades, allowing them to push the boundaries of innovation while we work behind the scenes to identify and quantify hazards to reinforce the safety and quality of their products before they become available on the market.

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