Intertek looks at product risk from every angle, and identifying risks is just as important as validating product safety.

Your company, brand and bottom line depend on how you mitigate risk. So gain the knowledge you need to manage that four-letter word. It will set your mind at ease. And lay the groundwork for success. You have already been asking yourself the tough questions:

  • Are there any safety issues with my product line?
  • When it comes to my overall portfolio, how do I find the one product that may not be safe among the thousands that are safe?
  • How will I demonstrate that I’ve done my due diligence to ensure the safety of my product down the road?
  • How can I accomplish all of this in a cost-effective and reliable manner that doesn’t slow my speed to market?

Gathering intelligence can be simple.

Assessing the potential risks of your product and knowing how to manage those risks are easier and more efficient than you think. In fact, you can find the answers to all your pressing questions in just 48 hours.

A comprehensive risk assessment screening that determines risk probability and severity for your products. By integrating Injury and Fatality data with Foreseeable Use and Human Factor evaluations, we produce a detailed report on the risk levels associated with your specific product in just 48 hours.

Our resources are second to none.

We access emergency room records and death certificates as they apply to your category. We predict how consumers will interact with your product, beyond its intended use. And we study the physical makeup of your product and the anatomical traits of your consumer.

All to bring you an in-depth understanding of your product. Whether that means identifying risks or validating safety, you’ll come away with the expert intelligence you need to effectively and efficiently manage your entire product line.

Plus, you can rest assured that you have the documentation you need to evidence due diligence. Questions will be answered. Uncertainties will be put to rest. The road to success will be paved.

Our risk assessment is your reward.

To you, Intertek Risk means saving time and money. By understanding your potential risks from day one, you’re able to focus the efforts of your company and invest wisely. And in the end, you have written proof that your company took action to ensure the safety of your product.

Receive a comprehensive risk assessment screening for your product in just 48 hours.

Intertek is the leading provider of quality and safety services to a wide range of global and local industries. Partnership with Intertek brings increased value to your product and process, and ultimately paves the way for success in the marketplace.

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