Prove and improve the quality of your products with Intertek’s data-supported services.

Whether your goal is to increase speed to market or you are experiencing disruptions in the supply chain (i.e., staff turnover/shortages, travel restrictions), Intertek experts work to help manage quality concerns and to protect our customers brands.  We assist companies in the implementation of risk appropriate quality measures to navigate their products and supply chain throughout the various stages of development, sourcing, manufacturing, testing, and certification, as well as to market.  Through the utilization of our global resources, you will achieve greater transparency, and improve the overall consumer experience. In a world of constant change, Intertek helps provide a more efficient, robust, agile and integrated operating environment that supports growth and minimizes the risk within your business. Our services include:

  • Quality Process Advice - We provide valuable insight into your product development process to minimize risk and increase speed to market. Our evaluation and recommended actions focus on policies, processes, best practices, and engaging the proper resources to increase transparency and reduce return rates.

  • Supply Quality Management - Our global experts deliver timely and efficient services to screen, develop, evaluate and oversee the production quality of new suppliers around the world. When there is disruption within a supply chain, Intertek can provide on-the-ground support to assess production readiness or competency of potential vendors. 
    • Production Oversight – We are able to send experienced quality experts to your supplier to oversee production, and make sure that production quality has not been compromised. 
    • New Supplier Screening – Our team can screen suppliers allowing you to move with confidence into production when changes are required. 
    • Sub-Supplier Materials Assurance – When you are not sure the source of your suppliers’ materials and components, Intertek will assess to ensure the products composition will meet your needs. 
    • Training – Our experts are capable of supporting quality practices for vendors in need of immediate support or that are dealing with quickly shifting employee base.
  • Total Quality Assurance - We understand the constraints growing companies experience with time, resources, and personnel. It’s why Intertek offers cost-effective and comprehensive operational solutions for all aspects of your business, from R&D to market compliance. We oversee quality processes, so you can focus on the growth of your business. Your brand is not only maintained – it’s protected!

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