Effective management of product packaging is critical to achieving the right balance between efficient shipping and damage rates incurred during transit.

The packaging landscape is quickly evolving, and emerging challenges include increasing individual package deliveries due to online sales, and ever-changing sustainability expectations and regulations. Due to this, businesses need to maximize the efficacy of their packaging efforts.

Transit packaging protects products from damage as they are handled, loaded, stored, and transported to their destination throughout the entire supply chain. There may be risks of damages, over-packaging, dissatisfaction from end-customers and ruined brand reputation if poorly managed.

Through our wide-ranging and global network of Packaging Engineering Design experts, Regulatory Specialists, Process/Risk Consultants, and ISTA (International Safe Transit Association) accredited labs, our transit packaging solutions will provide you with the support needed to create a more efficient and integrated operating environment that effectively achieves your strategic goals. Our clients benefit from reduced customer returns and product damage, lower shipping costs due to eliminated wasted space, quicker and more convenient to open packaging, and more sustainable packaging through more efficient material use and environmentally friendly materials.

Intertek’s Product Assurance team can look at the whole picture and help you get it right the first time and to allocate resources where they will provide the highest return.

Our services include:

Packaging Engineering can help to provide designs that minimize packaging materials while still protecting the product and eliminating fiddly packaging that ruin the consumer’s experience when opening their product.

Packaging Guidelines can improve and standardize both the designs and handling/storage/loading practices; and set testing protocols that cover both environmental/statutory stewardship requirements and accurately simulates the transit hazards of your supply chain.

On demand Packaging Engineers can provide training, design reviews, vendor evaluations, cost-benefit analysis and issue remediation.
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