Product Assurance – Chemical Management

Ensure the Chemical Safety and Regulatory Compliance of Your Consumer Products

Chemicals are used in the manufacturing and packaging of every consumer and household product. With a growing demand for chemical transparency throughout your supply chain, increasing regulatory requirements at global and regional levels, and a constantly evolving list of chemicals of concern, brand owners are responsible for proving compliance while meeting consumer and media expectations. Incorporating chemical management into your product development process increases visibility deep into your supply chain, detects and mitigates potential risks from hazardous chemicals, ensures regulatory compliance, and ultimately protects your customers, the environment, and your brand.

Our services include:

  • Chemical Risk Assessment: Determine your chemical exposure through calculation and strategically designed testing, hazard research, and scientific risk assessments of intended and foreseeable use and abuse.
  • Food Contact Safety and Regulatory Compliance: Ensure global food contact compliance through formulation reviews of food packaging/food contact materials, customized testing protocols, migration testing, verification of good manufacturing practices, and assistance with regulatory approval processes.
  • Restricted Substances Lists and Management: Establish Restricted Substance Lists (RSL) based on regulatory requirements, essential safety, perceived safety, and your company’s risk tolerance. Develop implementable and effective RSL management program that delineates restricted, prohibited, and potentially problematic substances; testing methods; and supply chain management to ensure that you’re consistently providing safe products to consumers.
  • Optimized Testing Program: Tailor chemical testing to meet or exceed regulations, based on your company’s goals, markets, and budget. This program transforms your chemical strategy efficiently into action, laying out appropriate tests by product type/line, frequency of testing, and timing along the supply chain.
  • First Tier Supply Chain Analysis: Gain detailed insight into the chemicals in your product line. Intertek will work directly with your first-tier suppliers to identify the chemicals used in the manufacture of your products, identify any risks relative to regulatory and industry standards, and establish chemical management programs for your suppliers.
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