Intertek provides global RoHS compliance solutions for manufacturers selling into the European Union (EU), United Arab Emirates (UAE), China, Taiwan, and India.

There are a number of global Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) requirements (better known as RoHS) in place, or going through their appropriate government process.  They typically resemble the EU RoHS Directive (particularly the restricted substances and threshold), however, how manufacturers and importers comply is slightly different in each jurisdiction. For example, some jurisdictions are looking for a technical file (EU RoHS) that contains compliance documentation, other regions are looking for product marking and documentation (China RoHS) and others require certification through a notified Body (UAE & China RoHS).

Companies continue to struggle to completely understand the global landscape of restricted substance compliance.  Due to this, Intertek has created end-to-end solutions to assist companies and streamline the compliance process. Intertek’s services allow for complete turn-key solutions and enable customers to select how Intertek can support individual processes. 

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