Intertek’s Material Risk Assessment facilitates organizations to understand their deficiencies and inherent substance risk in their materials and supply chains.

With global regulatory requirements shifting towards risk-based compliance, Intertek’s Material Risk Assessment solutions provide our customers with outputs which can provide clarity and direction to mitigate risk when complying with global regulated substances such as Global RoHS, EU REACH and California Proposition 65 requirements.

Intertek’s risk assignment methodology applies the risk status of a restricted or declarable substance to a specific material or component used in customer products.  This risk is adjusted based on available information, including, declaration of compliance, material declarations, test reports, litigation, etc. With the guidance of Intertek regulatory experts, our customers will have a better understanding of their true inherent risks for their product and/or business. This allows them to take the necessary steps to reduce those risks and achieve product compliance.

Intertek’s global regulatory expertise and material understanding has been cultivated for over 15 years.  Our enhanced material science reference information allows our customers to receive a clear understanding of which materials, components and suppliers are truly at risk for a regulated substance throughout their entire supply chain.
Whether it’s attempting to understand risk mitigation steps for global RoHS requirements, trying to determine which of the 950+ California Proposition 65 substances you should be concerned about, or determining whether a REACH SVHC is applicable to your product, Intertek’s Material Risk Assessment solutions will point you in the right direction.
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