Intertek’s RoHS consultants provides guidance to help companies comply with the requirements of the Restriction of Hazardous Substances legislation in various regions.

A growing number of countries and regions have or are in the process of implementing Restriction of Hazardous Substances legislation to control the use of toxic chemicals in electrical equipment and electronic products (EEE), such as the EU RoHS Directive, China RoHS, Korea RoHS, and California RoHS.

RoHS Consulting Services
Intertek, a global leader in restricted substances services, provides RoHS consulting services to help businesses understand and comply with local, regional, and global Restriction of Hazardous Substances legal requirements that may impact your electrical and electronic products. Intertek’s consulting service provides companies access to our team of RoHS experts who can address your questions regarding your company's specific RoHS obligations, providing you guidance in regulatory, supply chain, and technical RoHS compliance requirements. Intertek’s consulting service also provides subscribers with access to continuously updated information on changes to and clarification of RoHS requirements.

Intertek’s RoHS consulting services include:

  • Monthly conference call to review impact of regulatory information and industry practices
  • Regulatory and research Q&A style consulting support (as needed)
  • Monthly reports on health and environmental requirements
  • Real-time Information Change Notices (ICNs) on important changes to health and environmental requirements  

With Intertek’s RoHS consulting and strategy services, companies can effectively:

  • Manage RoHS compliance strategy and risks
  • Ensure RoHS requirements are properly applied and met for your products
  • Educate your employees on RoHS obligations and requirements
  • Develop and sustain a competitive advantage
  • Protect your brand
  • Minimize business impacts such as loss of sales, product recall, and obsolete inventory 
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