Intertek Assuris Case Studies

Client case studies highlighting partner success with Intertek Assuris

We collaborate with and support customers around the globe, providing solutions to protect their products, processes, and asset interests.

Our work helps ensure proper certification, greater market access, and the ability to meet product performance and quality standards. We enable our clients to identify and mitigate intrinsic risk, and help them successfully meet regulatory, safety, and compliance obligations for their products, raw materials, operations, facilities, supply chains, and business processes.

Featured Stories

 Responsible Sourcing Certification - BRC, Express Reinforcements, ROM      Responsible Sourcing Certification
  • BRC Ltd. 
  • Express Reinforcements
  • ROM Group
 Responsible Sourcing Certification - AspectaResponsible Sourcing Certification
  • Aspecta B.V.


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Need help or have a question?

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