Intertek’s health and environmental experts can help your company understand and comply with sustainability requirements that impact your products today and in the future

An increasing number of businesses are being asked to provide information on their sustainability profile and initiatives by customers and stakeholders. Sustainable development meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

How does your business plan to meet the new and expanding customer and stakeholder demands? How are you defining your sustainability goals and how could you achieve business gains?

Sustainability Benchmark Profile Services

Intertek, a leader in global health and environmental services, provides business sustainability services to all levels and sizes of business. Customers will gain access to valuable Intertek’s subject matter experts. We help our customers benchmark against competition, to define a business or product strategy and implement sustainability initiatives to achieve sustainability gains.

Intertek’s Company Sustainability Profile Benchmark will:

  • Assess your company’s current sustainability measures against competition and customer and stakeholder expectations
  • Reviews sustainability goals and measure these against:
    • Industry and competition
    • Regulation
    • Product competitiveness
    • Customer Communication advantages
  • Benchmark sites or processes against set sustainability criteria

 The final Company Strategy Report will include:

  • Assessment criteria and results
  • Benchmark data and report
  • A Corporate Sustainability Strategy recommendation
  • An implementation recommendation 

Intertek, a leader in global health and environmental services, offers the complete solution for global, regional, or local compliance, providing sound traceability systems and strict enforcement of due diligence policies. Intertek does more than simply help our clients comply, we give them the competitive advantage they desire.

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