Consultancy services for the pharmaceutical industry to help plan, manage and achieve sustainability goals.

Intertek provides support for the pharmaceutical and medical device sector to achieve regulatory compliance and to plan and manage sustainability goals. This includes supporting manufacturers to be more efficient in their processes by using resources more efficiently, assisting them with required regulatory compliance, or helping them to develop tailored programs to manage their supply chain, disposal of waste, energy and water footprint or having greener and more efficient buildings and facilities.

Maximize Energy Efficiency for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and cooling HVAC technology are sourcing of high energy consumption for pharmaceutical and lifesciences laboratories, data centres and production clean rooms. Intertek’s intelligent sustainable solutions can help companies to maintain the controlled ambient conditions that are crucial to product quality and, at the same time, reduce the energy consumption of HVAC technology systems. Intertek supports customers in realizing energy-efficient building blueprints and with designing processes to save energy as well as reduce waste and emissions. Monitoring solutions, for example, can be used to identify sources of energy loss and inefficient assets in order to increase asset utilization.

Measuring the Carbon Footprint for Pharmaceutical Industry

Key sustainability activities can be measured using industry-accepted methodologies and protocols, including the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), the world’s most widely used sustainability reporting framework, and the Greenhouse Gas Protocol, an accounting tool for understanding, quantifying, and managing greenhouse gas emissions. 

Sustainability for the Supply Chain

Intertek provides a single-source solution for companies and their suppliers to meet global green regulatory requirements. Intertek provides comprehensive assessment, product testing, validation, product certification, and consulting services to assist companies successfully achieve green supply chain management.

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