BES 6001 is an independent, third-party certification scheme designed to enable manufactured products to be assessed and certified as being responsibly sourced.

With European Government’s increasing their focus on sustainable development, many companies are recognizing the need to prove that their buildings are built with sustainability in mind. Responsible Sourcing of Construction Products is demonstrated through an ethos of supply chain management and product stewardship and encompasses social, economic and environmental dimensions.

BES 6001 is recognized by the BREEAM family of certification schemes and the Code for Sustainable Homes where credits can be awarded for construction products independently certified through BES 6001 Framework Standard.

Consumers are increasingly concerned about where the products they are buying come from. Highly visible responsible sourcing schemes are now established and recognised across society – Fairtrade, Rainforest Alliance, Marine Stewardship Council, FSC, PEFC etc. BES 6001 Certification gives manufacturers the opportunity to:

  • Differentiate their products against competitors
  • Demonstrate corporate reputation and leadership
  • Benchmark their manufacturing performance and facilitate continuous improvement through certification

And specifiers and purchasers the benefit of:

  • Securing additional BREEAM credits for their buildings
  • Reducing risk down the supply chain
  • Demonstrating corporate reputation and leadership.

BES 6001 Responsible Sourcing includes organization management, supply chain management and requirements related to the management of sustainable development such as social and economic impacts. The framework comprises a number of criteria setting out the requirements of an organization in managing the supply of products in accordance with a set of agreed principles of sustainability, the precise scope of which is determined by stakeholder engagement.

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