Our experts can support all aspects of your ESG reporting journey and non-financial data needs at any operational level. Intertek’s positioning throughout the value chain provides unique insights to performance target setting and ESG strategies, enabling companies to confidently communicate with their stakeholders.

Consumers today are looking for companies they can trust — companies that align with their own values and have the same beliefs that they do. Investors, meanwhile, are seeking more transparency beyond strong ESG claims and policies. They are looking to truly understand the risks to the businesses they are supporting.

Reporting on non-financial data, such as Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) metrics, can be a powerful tool for companies to set goals, measure performance, and manage change in order to make their operations more sustainable and align with the values of their investors and customers. Through sustainability reporting, organizations are able to understand and communicate the risks and opportunities they face from their corporate activities.

The Challenge

The sustainability reporting landscape is complex, consisting of multiple frameworks (CDP, GRESB, DJSI, SASB, GRI, TCFD, MSCI ISS, etc.), and a constantly changing regulatory environment.  It can be difficult for new companies just beginning their ESG journey, and even mature companies, to understand their operational risks, where to look for information, what to report on, and how to communicate their sustainability impacts.

The Intertek Advantage

Powered by our unique combination of sustainability, scientific, technological, and auditing capabilities, Intertek provides a best-in-class end-to-end ESG assurance and verification program, providing you with total peace of mind on all aspects of your ESG journey and the ability to communicate with your stakeholders with confidence.

Intertek has a history of working with organizations at their operational levels to assess their ESG performance, validate their ESG claims, and provide a holistic view of their business. Intertek supports all elements of business operations, from compliance testing and social compliance audits, to life cycle analysis and greenhouse gas calculations. Intertek stands apart and brings this knowledge and advantage beyond just data calculations and validation. We truly help companies understand their business risks, set targets, and report accurate information.

Intertek can support your ESG needs to ensure they align with requirements from investors, regulators, frameworks, or customers. Our range of services include, but are not limited to:

  • Third Party Verification/Assurance of ESG Reports: Providing assurance of reports in accordance with international standards to ensure that all social and environmental information published is accurate and correct
  • Stakeholder Engagement & Materiality Assessment: Supporting customers in identifying what is important to their business, key aspects of their sustainability goals, and where they should be focusing their collection and calculation efforts 
  • Inventory and Reporting Outsourcing: Providing customers with a dedicated support team to collect and calculate necessary ESG data
  • Inventory and Reporting Advisory: Offering tactical advice on how to collect and report information based on materiality results
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