Intertek’s breakthrough certification program brings unique clarity on the carbon impact of cradle-to-gate operations across all stages of oil and gas exploration and production.

Sustainability is the movement of our time and organisations are improving performance and innovating to inspire climate action. The energy sector is a key part of this movement, by working to supply the world with low carbon solutions and ensure resilience in their value chain that secures sustainable energy for future generations. While globally recognised frameworks for evaluating Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions are well established, oil & gas producers are finding there is no existing framework that will allow for validating production emissions against peers in the marketplace. 

Drawing on Intertek’s heritage in providing pioneering assurance, testing, inspection and certification services to the energy industry, CarbonClearTM is a breakthrough global program providing companies with independent carbon intensity certification across their entire oil and gas production portfolio, in aggregate or by field, powered by Intertek’s global network of technical experts.

Independent Carbon Intensity Certification

A breakthrough innovation that provides a unique platform for consistent evaluation of emissions and carbon impact across all stages of exploration and production.

CarbonClear Mark

Sustainability-conscious oil and gas producing companies invest in a multitude of technologies, processes and applications to drive transformative and market-leading reductions in carbon emissions across their energy production assets. Despite such investment, and prior to Intertek CarbonClear, there was no market-recognised standard, consistent evaluation framework or independent certification to differentiate production based on carbon emissions, making it difficult to confidently benchmark companies, projects or investments. Meanwhile, organisations face increasing demands from investors, regulators, employees and consumers to improve emissions performance and provide transparent, consistent reporting.

Powered by our global network of technical experts, Intertek’s CarbonClear program:

  • Enables new ways to qualify, market and inspire action toward decarbonising a barrel of oil – from production to point of sale
  • Accelerates investment and performance in carbon reduction strategies across traditional energy sectors, creating step-change impact in sustainability for future generations
  • Inspires confidence to demonstrate high-impact reductions to all relevant stakeholders, validate external claims, and form basis to benchmark capabilities vs peers while tracking performance year-over-year
  • Evaluates emissions across all aspects of production and inform operational decisions to achieve optimal carbon reduction
  • Incentivises industry leadership and transparency in creating the lowest carbon for crude oil production in the world

For more than 100 years, sustainability services have been core to Intertek’s global business, with quality, safety and sustainability the foundations of driving sustainable growth across entire value chains. Our mission is to make the world a better and safer place by bringing Quality, Safety and Sustainability to life. Our unrivaled Total Quality Assurance footprint of over 1,000 labs and offices in more than 100 countries, along with our extensive knowledge of the oil & gas sector’s drive toward sustainable energy leaves us uniquely positioned, through CarbonClear, to help producers achieve the lowest carbon oil and gas production in the world.

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