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Intertek PipeAware is an innovative digital solution combining pipeline traceability with inspection data to give valuable, real-time insight on pipeline quality and compliance

The oil and gas pipeline industry has been growing rapidly, prompting the need for increased regulatory and traceability scrutiny that requires pipeline owners and operators to ensure pipe assets adhere to stringent and expanding regulatory compliance requirements. 
Intertek’s unique pipeline quality verification solution, Intertek PipeAware, effectively manages complex piping supply chain projects to ensure that materials meet not only regulatory requirements, but also customer and industry quality standards in all stages of manufacturing. PipeAware offers pipeline owners and operators traceability and easy access to the inspection, testing and material data needed to make informed decisions that ensure pipelines operate safely and efficiently.  
By combining tracking and inspection into one task customers have full transparency into the manufacturing process, near real-time viewing of critical data, and always-accessible digital records which are vital for assurance and compliance purposes.  PipeAware offers complete customer confidence in the pipe manufacturing processes as the software can verify all inspection data is within the proper predetermined specifications, delivering an end-to-end systemic Total Quality Assurance service.  In addition, gaining access to this data long after pipeline construction and deployment projects are complete is important should an incident or problem occur and quality verification is needed for research and resolution.
Intertek PipeAware delivers the assurance, expertise, accuracy and efficiency that customers have come to rely on for safe and reliable operation of pipe assets.

Key Features of PipeAware's Tracking and Inspection Data Software

Tracking with Inspection – combines tracking with inspection during pipe manufacturing into one task thus reducing costs and simplifying service procurement
One System – functions in each type of pipe manufacturing, coating application and transport setting
Digital Record – cloud based; traceable; searchable; and storage capable for photos and documents
Offline / Online Data Entry – pipe data can be entered offline using a tablet or notebook computer, online using a Web browser, or imported from external files
Specification Validation – validates inspection data and highlights missing or out-of-spec data for compliance and ensuring fitness-for-service
GPS Capability – allows pipe location data to be automatically recorded using GPS coordinates
Time & Date – automatically logs each entry with time and date as well as inspector’s name
Stock Inspection – tracks and stores current pipe stockpile data
Client dashboard - progress and error reporting; inventory tracking
Electronic reporting - minimizes errors and report delivery time
AwareNotify – automatic email notifications containing key information is distributed to managers and lead inspectors
Data Storage – for easy reference after pipe construction project

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