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DeepView 3D - condition-based maintenance

In the complex world of offshore oil and gas production, operators are continually striving to ensure economic production levels, reliability and safety, as well as drive down operating costs. Some of the challenges the industry faces include ageing equipment that requires accurate condition assessments; detailed inspection and maintenance data needed to meet industry regulations; equipment complexity; and increasing regulatory requirements.  

Inspection and maintenance programs are key to providing a safer work environment and precise digital mechanical integrity data is giving drilling contractors the detailed and accurate data they need to improve equipment performance, safety, efficiency and enhance their competitive edge.

Intertek DeepView3D integrates innovative technology with enhanced expert inspection services to deliver comprehensive 3D results and provide a deep view of asset condition. Setting the new standard for digital mechanical integrity data and condition assessment, Intertek’s solution helps customers establish condition-based maintenance programs that track and ensure equipment safety and reliability. Our clients see the DeepView3D solution as part of a CBM (Condition Based Maintenance) program where, over time, they look at opportunities to move away from time-based maintenance and over to condition based maintenance programs.

The DeepView3D Process

Critical assets are identified using risk assessment methodologies. For drilling operations this could include Blow Out Preventers (BOPs), drawworks, top drive, crown block and other key operational equipment items or sub components.

Once critical assets have been identified they are scanned in-situ or on deck using a 3D scanner to provide a digital image of the equipment and its environment. The equipment is then scanned using 3D metrology that provides precise digital measurements of the component apertures, surfaces, contours and perturbances.

This data can then be compared with baseline digital data, drawings and design tolerances to deliver a quick and complete comparison to evaluate the effects of wear, corrosion or mechanical damage. Based on this data, a decision can be made as to the on-going mechanical integrity of the component. In conjunction with the 3D metrology digital dimensional data, the equipment item and its sub components, such as bolts, pins and critical surfaces, are scanned using specialized phased array ultrasonic testing (UT) technology in order to identify any defects or operational damage within the equipment. Defects that are found can be measured and compared or calculated against critical flaw diagrams to determine the on-going integrity of the equipment item.

Finally all this data is combined into a digital report that shows 3D images of the equipment with precise 3D dimensional data (0.004 mm) and identified areas of phased array scan data. This report can then be used to confirm integrity of equipment item for Certificate of Conformance (CoC) as well as provide baseline data for future integrity comparisons as the equipment ages.

Key Benefits

The DeepView3D process provides a range of benefits for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), drilling contractors and operators alike. Some of these benefits include:

  • In-situ and on-deck condition and integrity assessments of critical equipment items 
  • A consistent methodology for equipment inspection and dimensional control
  • Baseline of digital data related to the dimensions and integrity of equipment that can then be compared with future assessments
  • Time and cost savings related to on-shore tear-down and condition assessments
  • Additional engineering evaluations such as stress assessments, design reviews, wear and damage assessments, reliability evaluations, and future material/equipment recommendations.
  • Enhanced safety and equipment reliability

DeepView 3D Webinar

Learn how Intertek’s DeepView3D solution integrates innovative technology with enhanced expert inspection services to deliver comprehensive 3D results and provide a deep view of asset condition.
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