Expert Witness Services for Engineering and Manufacturing

Our expert witness services for the engineering and manufacturing sectors provide consulting and support for companies involved in legal proceedings.

Engaging expert witness services is crucial when failure in components, products, equipment or plant assets leads to litigation in the manufacturing and engineering sectors.
If you are involved in a legal dispute, a failure analysis or forensic engineering investigation that has resulted in legal action, you require technical expertise and knowledge of the engineering or mechanical fault and clear and concise communications during the legal proceedings.
Intertek’s team of professionals has years of experience in providing expert witness services and working alongside law firms and insurance companies. We can clearly explain the precise reasons for failure in laymen’s terms and our services provide independent analysis, reviews of technical evidence and documentation, and provision of both written and oral testimony to courts, arbitrations, mediations and inquiries.
Our shared knowledge and expertise means we have provided expert witness services across all manufacturing and engineering sectors and for members of the public. Intertek’s highly experienced team of mechanical, metallurgical, civil and electrical engineers is familiar with almost every type of device and piece of equipment – from home appliances to power plants. We have provided expert witnesses for highly complicated cases such as an explosion in a fertilizer manufacturing plant to the failure of a hip implant.    
In addition, our independence and objectivity means we have established a reliable and trustworthy reputation in the provision of this important service.  
By partnering with Intertek, our unrivalled background, expertise and knowledge of manufacturing and engineering provides you with Total Quality Assurance that our expert witness support and consulting will meet your unique requirements - no matter how small or large the issue.
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