Radiographic testing is one of the most widely used techniques of volumetric non-destructive testing and is often used to reveal internal, surface and sub-surface irregularities.

Radiographic testing is widely used in a variety of industry sectors including aerospace, power generation, construction, petroleum, chemical and automotive, and for all types of components and parts. The technique is commonly used on welded parts, castings, forgings, composites and is also used for corrosion mapping and the measurement of wall thickness.

It is a versatile method which can be performed in the laboratory or on-site on parts and components of varying dimensions. The radiographic technique uses X-rays or gamma rays to penetrate the tested component. The radiation is passed through the part and captured on radiographic film.

The benefit of using radiography is that it requires minimum surface preparation and provides a permanent record of testing.

Intertek can offer both laboratory and on-site radiographic testing, and our highly experienced and trained radiographic staff are Level 2 or 3 qualified PCN, ASNT, SNT-TC-1A and NAS410/EN4179 and offer Total Quality Assurance.

We can also provide radiographic film digitization, digitization, converting physical film image to a digital image can be manipulated/enlarged and so that it iis more convenient for archiving and storage.

Computerised Tomography

XCT produces 3D images identifying internal component features and potential defects. It is valuable for inspection of complex shapes and frequently used to determine the material integrity of components made using additive manufacture techniques. Learn more.

Laboratory-based Radiographic Testing offered in our UK laboratories

Intertek’s accredited laboratories are equipped with exposure bays that can support customers with radiographic testing on a 24-hour basis and has lifting equipment capable of manoeuvring components up to two tonnes, so we are able to test large components with ease. Laboratory-based X-ray capability ranges from 10 to 320kV CP units and our gamma bay is equipped with an iridium source.  

We understand the pressures you face in fulfilling the production demands of your customers and to minimise delay we provide a fast reaction, round-the-clock radiographic testing at our laboratories as well as collection and delivery of parts and assemblies from clients around the local region.

On-Site Radiography Testing

If plant, infrastructure and pipework require inspecting for corrosion, erosion, cracks and loss of wall thickness or weld quality, radiographic testing can provide the solution as it is portable and testing can be carried out effectively without the need to remove lagging.

Intertek’s on-site radiography testing can also include the use of close-proximity radiography (SafeRad).

Radiographic testing using X-rays and gamma rays are hazardous and as such are controlled by stringent legislation.  When Intertek carries out site radiography you have complete assurance that all legal requirements and legislative notifications are adhered to, including the transportation of isotopes, protective enclosure barriers and warning systems.

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