Mechanical Testing of Metals

Intertek’s mechanical testing of metals uses impact, tensile and hardness testing to determine whether a metal is suitable for its intended use.

Mechanical testing of metals is an integral process to establishing how a tested material performs under exacting conditions and whether it complies with national or international standards.
Foundries, fabricators, manufacturers, metal stockholders, importers and welding inspectors need the reassurance that a metal or alloy will be suitable for a product’s intended use or meets industry specifications.
At Intertek, we provide impact, tensile and hardness testing at our laboratories using advanced testing equipment. In addition, we have in-house machine shops to produce the test specimen for testing in accordance with British, American and international standards.     
Impact testing
Impact testing measures the material’s ability to absorb energy when fractured at high velocity. This gives an indication of the ‘toughness’ of the metal and two methods are usually employed for impact testing, Charpy or Izod.
Tensile testing
Tensile testing, or tension testing, is used to determine the behaviour of the metal when it is being pulled. Tensile testing can measure yield strength, proof strength and ultimate tensile strength. We have a range of tensile testing machines and can apply loads from a few newtons to 1,000 kilo newtons, and test up to 600°c.
Hardness testing
Hardness testing assesses the impact of the metal or alloy to permanent indentation, and the depth or size of the indent is measured to determine a hardness value. There are several different hardness tests and we use the Brinell, Vickers and Rockwell methods.

By using Intertek for mechanical testing, you have the Total Quality Assurance that our service will meet your turnaround times and our test results will provide you with the necessary information to help you ensure the safe and reliable operation of your products or equipment and that your material selection conforms to national or international standards.
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