Reverse engineering in manufacturing and engineering is used to find out how equipment or products are made and work.

Reverse engineering in manufacturing and engineering is used for a wide variety of reasons. By taking apart engineering equipment or a manufactured product and discovering the materials it is made from and how it works, we can help a business determine and improve production processes, enhance product effectiveness, and protect patents.

The process is also used to discover how a ‘legacy’ (i.e very old) component or product operates and is necessary when the original technical drawings and material information are no longer available or the original manufacturer is no longer in business.

Reverse engineering requires multidisciplinary expertise and experience when deconstructing an item.

With years of experience in industry using a suite of analytical techniques, Intertek’s Total Quality Assurance team of well-qualified technicians and metallurgists can determine how metal components, products or equipment have been manufactured and from what alloy. From determining the production techniques that were used in the manufacture and identification of the materials to discovering the heat treatment process and establishing the working operation, our services will seek to answer the multitude of questions you have so that you have a better understanding of the item.

Our range of analytical techniques includes:

We serve businesses across all industry sectors and work to your unique requirements, whether it’s a simple component or a complex piece of engineering equipment that needs analysis.

The benefits of reverse engineering are many and our findings can help you determine future production techniques and material selection as well as reduce research and development.

By partnering with Intertek, our reverse engineering services in manufacturing and engineering can help improve both your product and competitive edge in the market.

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