Intertek’s on-site metallurgy services meet your needs for in-service inspection and asset integrity management.

On-site metallurgy services can help to verify the safety and integrity of industrial structures and equipment that are too large for laboratory analysis. The microstructure of metal can change over time and therefore it is essential for owners of key infrastructure and equipment to investigate for any defects that may have developed and could impact operation and integrity. In addition, identification of materials used in old structures is needed to solve maintenance issues and problems.  
New construction may also require on-site metallurgy to ensure that the correct materials have been used and are welded together using the proper materials.
Intertek’s multidisciplinary team of engineers and technicians have the advanced equipment to carry out the on-site metallurgy services you need. We provide our Total Quality Assurance expertise across a diverse range of industries and applications. This includes the oil and gas, power generation, rail and aerospace sectors plus bridge structures and any fabrication that is too big for laboratory testing.
Our site-based metallurgy techniques include:

  • In situ metallography – a range of methods used to identify the microstructure of objects that are too big for laboratory testing or are unable to have samples removed.
  • Replication – a method for taking a polymer mould of a surface in situ. The mould is taken to the laboratory for further analysis using optical microscopy or alicona.
  • Portable hardness testing – assessing how hard the metal is using equotip or ultrasonic hardness testing techniques.
  • Ferrite scope – specialist testing for the percentage of ferrite in a structure or equipment to ensure the balance of the microstructure of ferrite and austenite is correct.

Intertek’s on-site metallurgy services provide you with the peace of mind that we are working to ensure your structures or equipment are operating safely and reliably as well as complying with the relevant industry standards and codes.

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