Intertek offers a complete welding support service from weld procedure writing and welder training to welder qualification codes (welder coding), third party welder witnessing and mechanical (destructive) testing.

Intertek’s weld test services support customers in a diverse range of industries, all of whom share similar challenges in meeting quality, safety and compliance requirements. We provide highly qualified and experienced personnel who understand the processes involved in the supply chain and the frequent need for speedy turnaround times.
Our experienced welding personnel aid customers in their production processes, quality control, welder training and welder certification to British, European and American standards. Welding services are provided by CSWIP (Certification Scheme for Welding Inspection Personnel); AWS (American Welding Society); (EWS/IWS) European Welding Specialist/International Welding Specialist); PCN (Personal Certification in Non-Destructive Testing), ASNT (American Society of Non-destructive Testing) and ISO 9712 Level III qualified inspectors; both on-site, within our customers’ premises, and from our UK-based welding facility.
We work with manufacturers to provide Total Quality Assurance that their welding processes meet the requirements necessary to consistently manufacture products of a high quality and to assist them in complying with industry recognised international and national codes and standards. Training welders to national and international standards also enables client to seek new markets for their products and to operate within a global marketplace.  
Welding services include:


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