Microscopy analysis of metals characterises the surface and structure of the material and its application can support your quality control processes.

Microscopy analysis of metals is important for ensuring integrity and quality. In today’s competitive markets, the need for reliable and quality products is greater than ever before and by examining the structure of a metal under magnification the technique can play a key role in helping you maintain quality control and support research and development.

For many industries it is necessary to check if industrial processes and treatments such as welding, heat treatment and casting have been applied correctly to the metal or if a metal product or component conforms to their customer’s specific requirements.  In addition, companies may require microscopy analysis to protect patented products.

The images captured by digital microscopes can identify grain size and structure, phase distribution, microscopic defects and how a component/product has been made (cast/forged/rolled).

However, microscopy analysis requires sample preparation, advanced microscope technology, specialist cameras and image analysis software; produced images must be assessed by qualified and experienced microscopy experts.

Intertek provides a full range of Total Quality Assurance services related to sample preparation and independent examination to meet your needs, and we serve a diverse range of industries such as aerospace, oil, engineering and fabrication.

Our experienced laboratory analysts prepare the metal test samples for analysis via standard/specialist metallurgical preparation techniques for microscopic analysis, typically between X10 and X1000 magnification. All images can also be digitally photographed and attached to report findings.

By coming to Intertek for microscopy analysis of your metals, our service provides you with the metallurgical information to help ensure your metals are suitable for their intended application and are compliant with industry standards and your customer’s requirements.

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