Advances in digital technology means digital radiography is becoming more widely used for detecting defects, cracks, corrosion, erosion and loss of wall thickness.

Digital radiography is used in all industry sectors and, in particular, for assessing piping, pressure vessels and valves. The technique can detect discontinuities in a range of materials including aluminium, steel, plastics and composites.

The method is similar to conventional radiography, but images are not captured on film. Instead, images are captured using either  flat panel detectors or phosphor-coated imaging plates. Intertek uses two types of digital radiography:

  •  Computed Radiography (CR): Uses reusable phosphor-coated imaging plates to capture images.
  •  Digital Radiography (DR): Uses flat panel detectors to capture images. 

Digital radiography has several important benefits as images can be enhanced and magnified for viewing and interpretation of findings.

Our inspectors can provide you with instant reporting and digital images allowing for easy data sharing. Images can be emailed so that work can continue across times zones or sent to off-site experts for simultaneous evaluation. In addition, digital images can be archived electronically so they are easier to store, trace and view. Because there are no radiographic films to store, digital radiography can also save on the physical storage space that would normally be required for conventional film.

Another advantage is that costs can be controlled as digital radiography, unlike conventional radiographic testing, is not subject to fluctuating film costs.

Intertek offers both laboratory and on-site digital radiography. You have Total Quality Assurance that when we carry out site radiography all legal requirements and legislative notifications are adhered to, including the transportation of isotopes, protective enclosure barriers and warning systems.
Our highly experienced and trained staff are Level 2 or 3 qualified PCN, ASNT, SNT-TC-1A and NAS410/EN4179. By choosing Intertek to carry out digital radiography, you can rely on our operators’ knowledge and expertise to accurately interpret findings when assessing the integrity of your equipment and assets.

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