Intertek’s failure analysis services identify component failure in engineering equipment, manufactured products and plant infrastructure.

Component failure in engineering equipment, manufactured products or plant infrastructure not only causes damage and affects operation, production and performance, but it can impact your company brand and reputation.

Collecting and analysing data is vital to deciding on remedial action and preventing future occurrence.

Finding the right partner to provide you with failure analysis can be a challenge. It requires multidisciplinary skills and experience to discover if failure is a one-time issue or a wider problem and to identify who is at fault – the manufacturer, operator or the operating conditions (or a combination of factors).

Intertek’s team of Total Quality Assurance experts has years of experience in performing failure analysis on components in engineering equipment, manufactured products and plant infrastructure. They serve all industries who have a component failure and our customers have included aerospace, bicycle and medical implants manufacturers and companies involved in heavy engineering.

Our component failure analysis is tailored to your unique requirements and we use a suite of investigative techniques such as:

After our investigation is completed, we present a full report to our customers and our quality systems ensure that all test results are accurate and verifiable.

If a failure analysis leads to litigation, we present the findings in a format suitable for legal and court proceedings. Our expert witnesses will simply and clearly explain complex engineering and technical issues.

By coming to Intertek for failure analysis of your components, our expertise and experience will determine the root cause of failure and provide you with the necessary information required for solving the problem, remedial action and preventing recurrence.

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