PCN (Personnel Certification in Non Destructive Testing) Level 2 and 3 Technical and Consulting Services in compliance with ISO 9712:2012

Your company or project can benefit from the expertise and years of experience that our level 2 and 3 NDT inspectors bring with them, as well as benefiting from the potential cost savings of outsourcing your non-destructive testing requirements only as and when you need them.    
PCN Level 2 and 3 Personnel
Our Total Quality Assurance NDT inspectors hold industry recognised PCN (Personnel Certification in Non-Destructive Testing) Level 2 certification as a minimum and a significant proportion of the management are qualified to Level 3 certification in PCN, ASNT (American Society of Non-destructive Testing) or NAS410/EN4179 (European Aerospace Standard).  
These qualifications and level of expertise can help you to comply with recognised manufacturing standards, improve production times and help with problem solving.  
Why are Non-Destructive Testing Inspectors certified?
In order to demonstrate a level of competence, expertise and continuous professional development all NDT inspectors must hold certification appropriate to the type of non-destructive testing specified in the written standard they are working to. They may also be required to hold certification specific to the industry they operate in.
PCN Level 2 and 3 certification enables us to offer the following technical and consulting services:

  • Interpretation of codes, standards and other contractual documents that control the non-destructive testing method(s) as utilised by your company or project
  • Guidance in selecting the method and technique required for a specific inspection
  • Preparation and verification of the adequacy of procedures in the method certified
  • Approval of non-destructive testing procedures and other NDT related work instructions for technical adequacy
  • Training, examination and certification of NDT personnel

Our Level 2 and 3 services help you to keep control of costs as well as ensuring compliance with industry standards.

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