We utilize cutting-edge metrology technology to provide you with the accurate and precise 3D measurement data you need to be successful.

Obtaining precise, accurate measurement information can mean the difference between success and failure when it comes to your products and services. Whether you need to compare a CAD model to a manufactured part, reverse engineer a critical piece of equipment or perform detailed analysis on damaged equipment, Intertek's 3D Metrology Services team has the Total Quality Assurance solution for you. We use state of the art hardware and software to provide 3D measurement data allowing for comprehensive delineation of physical objects. With accuracies in the thousands of an inch we service companies involved in a variety of industries including aerospace, automotive, casting and forging as well as oil and gas, injection molding, medical, chemical and power generation.

Intertek’s state-of-the-art 3D metrology lab consists of the latest 3D optical scanners with accuracies of +/- .0002” (0.007 mm). The accuracy, resolution and measuring area are completely adaptable to your application requirements. This allows for the highest resolution of detailed small parts with measuring volumes down to 38 mm or for extremely fast digitizing of large objects with measuring volumes up to 2 m. All of our instruments are portable, which allows us to come to your facility should the objects of interest be too large to transport. Regardless of the instrument used to gather your scan data Intertek’s 3D metrology specialists can assist with post processing the point cloud into a functional mesh. Deliverable types for mesh include .asc .dxf, .g3d, .jt, .mdl, .msh, .obj, .off, .poly, .pol, .ply, .stl and .pbi.

Intertek’s 3D metrology services Scan to CAD Deviation Analysis is a proven method for assessing the accuracy and quality of diverse physical objects. This method can be used to analyze a newly manufactured part or to determine the rate of wear and deterioration on existing parts. This process highlights deviations between the 3D scan and the CAD model to identify surface features and other geometry when out of tolerance.

Utilizing well-defined work processes and industry-leading software we can perform Reverse Engineering / CAD Modelling Services. If you have equipment or parts, but do not have the 3D model that it coincides with, we have an experienced 3D design team that can create a mathematical 3D solid model.  Out outputs include popular software types such as Solidworks, Catia and AutoCAD.  

Our Part-to-Part analysis is used to precisely compare two parts and report any deviations between them when a CAD model is not available. First, we scan a part that is functioning properly and then scan the faulty part and digitally compare them to pinpoint the issue. We use this method to identify compatibility or potential issues.

We assist with First Article Inspections to ensure that the production process of your items provide the desired deliverables. Our first article inspections check for a variety of different variation in products including distances between edges, positions of holes, diameters and shapes of holes.

For Investigative Analysis and Forensics Analysis Intertek’s 3D metrology specialists combine laser scanning and dimensional control techniques to define failures during manufacturing, assembly or installation. After processing the captured data with specialized software we provide you with the critical dimensional information necessary to better understand the event.

Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerance (GD&T) Verification Analysis focuses on the functional aspect of your component. Our methods conform to ASME and ISO standards and allow for extensive GD&T scrutiny including planarity, parallelism and cylindricity, two-point distances and maximum material conditions as well as position tolerance in local and global coordinate systems.

Intertek’s 3D metrology services also provide you with custom reporting solutions that contain detailed information in the specific format you require. These deliverables contain snapshots, videos, images, tables, diagrams, text and graphics. Our reporting formats include MSOffice, PDF, MP4, AVI and CAD drawings. 

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