Intertek’s Dimensional Control and monitoring services, utilizing proven engineering survey techniques and modern survey equipment , can provide substantial benefits to any project both onshore and offshore.

Reducing dependency for on-site "hot work," increasing safety, and reducing on-site materials handling are just some of the challenges facing plant and construction managers.  Our Total Quality Assurance expertise and experience in Dimensional Control Management can meet these challenges and help ensure "clash-free" design and installation of projects involving piping, structural and equipment components that must integrate and “fit first time”.

The field data is gathered utilizing an Electronic Laser/Infrared Total Station capable of measuring distances to +/- 1mm (1/24”) accuracy. The total station can be tripod mounted or attached to structural elements within the facility in many configurations allowing easy movement through even the most congested of areas without loss of accuracy.  In addition to the information gathered via the Total Station, we can also capture and merge field data using our survey grade GPS units.   The data collected from each dimensional control survey is imported into DIMES (Data Integrated Management Engineering System) This software and methodology solution allows the surveyor to move around the plant/platform using multiple survey instrument setups referencing to a “common reference point system”.  At completion, all setups are tied together using 3D network calculation software that creates a single, highly accurate coordinate network file.  The system has interrogation tools and translation/ rotation functions to “best-fit” the measured coordinates to the plant/platform reference system.  At a later stage this is utilized for semi-automatic CAD drawing routines.  One of the main benefits in adopting DIMES is the eradication of on-site hot work (welding, grinding, etc.) ensuring that the associated safety risks to personnel are minimized.  In addition, this technology also serves as a backbone to delivery of successful laser scanning projects.

Dimensional control applications:

  • New-build Modular (9.5K tons/ea) Piping/Structural Integration Assurance
  • FPSOs, TLPs, SPARs, Semi-subs, Jackets, MinDocs, Compliant Towers, Onshore
  • Pre-fabrication of Hook-up Spools
  • Like-Kind replacement of Equipment and Piping w/complete 2D/3D detail drawings
  • Ship repair/ build involving hull alignment surveys
  • Fabrication verification surveys for steelwork and pipe
  • Drilling Package Surveys for Dolly Rail alignment, Fair Leads, Wench Locations, Derrick Supports
  • Clash/Interference surveys for the replacement or installation of mechanical components
  • Deformation Analysis, Weld Peaking reports

Key project benefits from implementing Dimensional Control Survey management include: 

  • Reduced design, re-work and shutdown times
  • Reduction of man-hours in potentially hazardous areas and activities
  • Guaranteed fit of pre-fabricated items
  • Elimination of multi-handling of components
  • Availability of archived data
  • Elimination of re-design during installation
  • Minimize fit-up issues that result in schedule/budget overruns
Dimensional Control and 3D Laser Scanning:

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