Energy storage provides utilities with the necessary flexibility for modern power generation and distribution by improving grid stability and security.

Capacity and costs vary with today's available grid storage technologies.  By serving utilities project developers, power producers, and those conducting research in energy storage, Intertek works to identify and mitigate energy storage design, implementation, and operational risks. We provide a full range of project services including assisting with planning, performing cost-benefit and other economic analyses, overseeing installation, conducting inspections and maintenance, and assisting with decommissioning.  Our condition assessment services for large scale batteries includes performance testing, non-destructive evaluation, and modeling operation and life.  However, we can service any type of battery for any application. We work with power producers, technology owners, and EPCs to support energy storage projects and ensure all needs are met though our Total Quality Assurance approach.

The variable nature of renewable energy sources requires power plants to increase load cycling to meet demand, resulting in higher operation and maintenance costs.  Integrating the proper energy storage system is necessary to balance intermittent renewables and reduce the cost of power generation and distribution.  Energy storage is necessary to secure and stabilize the grid, especially with the growth of renewable power generation.

In addition to energy balancing, energy storage also offers the advantages of emergency power, frequency regulation, load demand reduction, voltage control, capacity firming, and other ancillary services. The important role of energy storage is evident, now more than ever, with the increasing integration of renewable energy sources.

Intertek’s Energy Storage service offerings include:

  • Business case evaluation and analysis
  • Condition Assessment Services for Batteries
  • Providing recommendations regarding energy storage technology, sizing and placement
  • Economic analysis
  • Technology assessment
  • Performance & safety testing
  • Inspections
  • Certification and emerging standards testing
  • Implementation support
  • Failure analysis
  • Warranty support 

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