Intertek’s services for steam turbines and generators can help your power plant maximise the performance, reliability and lifespan of these integral assets.

There are many factors that can affect the integrity, safety and operation of steam turbines and generators. It is not only important to identify operational issues, it is also necessary to evaluate component safe useful remaining life.
Without regular near end of life studies of steam turbine and generator equipment, you may face reduced integrity and increased costs due to failed equipment, forced shutdowns and loss of power generation or unnecessary capital spends.
Intertek provides Total Quality Assurance by inspecting and diagnosing life consumption and operational problems by using the latest technology and advanced analytical methods. We also have the tools necessary to prevent and predict equipment failure.
By using our services we can help your power plant minimize costs by helping to increase the integrity, remaining life of your assets, improve maintenance practices and reduce inspections, defer replacements and repairs to scheduled outages, and analyse the cost effectiveness of whether to repair and maintain components or replace them.

Advanced technology and analytical methods
The technologies and analytical methods Intertek uses for integrity services include 3-D finite element stress analysis, thermodynamics, static and dynamic stress analysis, fracture mechanics, materials and metallurgical testing, non-destructive testing and probabilistic analysis.
We can also perform combined studies which involve industry and individual fleet experiences with engineering modeling to forecast future performance of steam turbines and generators.
Integrity services include:

  • Remaining useful life analysis of low pressure rotors affected by stress corrosion, cracking at disk steeples and rotor bore key ways
  • Dovetail cracking evaluation and disk repair recommendation
  •  Independent integrity evaluations
  •  Third party review of original equipment manufacturer (OEM) recommendations on rotor repairs and retirement
  •  Failure analysis and root cause determination of service problems
  • Economic and technical decision analysis on inspect/run/repair/replacement options
  •  Strategic analysis and life management evaluations
  •  Analysis and evaluation for critical turbine and generator components including turbine rotors, shrunk-on discs, blade attachments, blade roots and airfoils, casings, generator rotors and retaining rings.

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