Our risk based equipment life assessment can help your power plant maximise the efficiency and lifespan of equipment.

Reduced capital and operational and maintenance (O&M) budgets, component reliability, safety risks, increased cycling and lower minimum loads are just some of the asset management equipment problems faced by power plant owners and managers. These issues impact your overall costs and profitability, plant productivity and safety, and contract obligations.

With our risk based equipment Total Quality Assurance assessment, we can support you by providing a full assessment of your critical equipment and identifying the causes of component failure. We can develop cost-effective methods in implementing repairs and replacements to help you improve component reliability and plant safety, and minimise overall costs and increase profitability.

We work with your in-house maintenance managers to provide:

  • Initial condition assessment
  • Condition and operation database development
  • Economic decision analysis
  • Plan and budget reports
  • Inspection planning and implementation
  • On-going outage and problem-solving support

Intertek’s advanced engineering capabilities and experience also mean we can target inspection of plant components where there is a high probability of damage or failure, and advise on areas that are low risk and need less frequent inspection. This focused approach to assessing the integrity of plant components reduces both the number of locations for inspection and overall costs of inspection.

As part of our risk based equipment assessment, our highly qualified technical staff can also be available immediately as problems arise at your power plant, helping you reduce forced outage hours and extensions to planned outages.

Intertek provides sophisticated cost-effective strategies that optimise operations, production, and processing equipment up-time with advanced maintenance strategies. Our services include:

  • Business Risk Forecasting and Quantification
  • Spare Parts Analysis
  • RAM Data Development and Mining
  • Life Cycle Forecasting
  • RAM and Life Cycle Cost Forecast Training
  • Life Extension Investment Risk Analysis
  • Reliability Centred Maintenance (RCM) Program Development and Implementation

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